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Launch your own branded Event App

Replace all printed materials, make live edits any time

Help audiences plan before your event

Engage audiences whilst generating feedback

Facilitate networking and connect the right people

Track all movements and see how content is received

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event apps


See the entire journey for each app user from start to finish

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event apps


The most versatile platform available

Showcase your branding effectively, break free from templates

Pick and choose the features you want to include at any time

Add, edit or remove content with instant updates

Your own branded App Icon in the App Stores

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event apps

event apps


Keeping ahead of the trends

Full in house development team

Hundreds of events delivered

New features released every month

Custom development available on request

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Create a new revenue stream

Adverts and logos can be placed anywhere in your app

See which users engaged with each advert instantly

Add or edit sponsor logos and adverts at any time

Go beyond traditional event sponsorship

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event apps

event apps


Here when you need us

Dedicated Project Manager for each of your events

Onsite Support available

Walkthroughs and step by step instructions provided

Custom reports provided within 24 hours after your event

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Get your head in the game

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See how your event content was received. If a Presenter was favorited by the majority maybe look at rebooking them

Use tap tracking to see which parts of your app and event content attracted the most attention to help shape future strategies

Give sponsors tangible data post event so they can easily measure their return on investment from in-app sponsorship

Find out who gave the best feedback on the event overall and engaged the most. Consider inviting them to your other events

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