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Event Apps, Registration & Lead Retrieval Apps
for Conferences, Trade Shows and Corporate Meetings

Trusted by some of the world's leading brands to boost their events

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The Must-Have Tool at your Events

Showcase all of your event content in one handy tool

Update content instantly - send out alerts for last-minute changes

Connect the right people to form more business relationships

Create your own social feed with quick polls, notifications, social media and posts from other attendees

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Powerful Interaction, Quantifiable Data

Create a two-way conversation between presenters and Attendees

Gather opinions on important topics instantly ready to discuss

Give Attendees a voice and facilitate an open dialogue

Provide an intuitive networking tool and connect the right people

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event apps

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Seamlessly Connecting the Right People

Provide a slick tool to help attendees easily find the right vendors

Connect the best people together quickly and create more business opportunities

Brilliantly showcase sponsors and give them optimum exposure

Analyse connections made and measure the success of your show

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Capturing More Data, Closing More Deals

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Ditch clunky scanners and have vendors use their own smartphones to capture leads through your app

View and edit contact information instantly upon scanning an attendee's badge

Qualify contacts and leads with custom questions uniquely set by each vendor

View, edit and export leads instantly ready for a great follow up with all captured information

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Quick setup, Launch for free

Launch your branded registration page in minutes

Manage contacts and effectively target dropouts

Profile each attendee and collect payments

Effortlessly synced with our Event App and Lead Retrieval platforms

Launch Your Registration Page
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Capture, Analyse, Learn, Improve

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View all taps, views and interactions instantly in real-time

Find out who connected and communicated at your events

Provide impression and tap data to sponsors and vendors

See what parts of your event worked and use this to shape future strategies

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