Virtual Participation: Learn about our suite of features that facilitate Virtual Participation

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Virtual & Hybrid Event Engagement Platform
Put networking at the forefront of your event

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Event Apps, Registration & Lead Retrieval Apps
for Conferences, Trade Shows and Corporate Meetings

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event apps
event apps
event apps
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Expand your audience with off-site attendees

Mobile access to all event activity and content

Live stream presentations in real-time

Conduct live Q&A, live polling and forums to anywhere in the world

Easily filter registration types to identify on-site and off-site attendees

Allow offsite participants to conduct face to face virtual meetings

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event apps

event apps


Advanced Networking and Matchmaking

Match attendees with the people they should be connecting with

Suggest sponsors and agenda sessions based on their interests

Facilitate connections with advanced meeting booking and networking

Ensure lasting relationships with post-event communications

Boost networking at your next event


Live Polling and Q&A

Create a two-way conversation between presenters and Attendees

Gather opinions on important topics instantly ready to discuss

Give Attendees a voice and facilitate an open dialogue

Provide an intuitive networking tool and connect the right people

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event apps

event apps


Up to date content in your attendees' palms

Multiple Agendas with advanced features

Speaker, Exhibitor and Sponsor directories

Unlimited information pages with external links, videos and more

Completely custom home screen design

Go paperless at your next event


Quick setup, Launch for free

Launch your branded registration page in minutes

Manage contacts and effectively target dropouts

Sell different ticket types based on offsite and onsite participation

Profile each attendee and collect payments

Effortlessly synced with our Event App and Lead Retrieval platforms

Launch Your Registration Page
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Capture, Analyse, Learn, Improve

event apps

View all taps, views and interactions instantly in real-time

Find out who connected and communicated at your events

Provide impression and tap data to sponsors and vendors

See what parts of your event worked and use this to shape future strategies

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