Virtual Participation
by All In The Loop

Live Session Streaming

Q&A and Live Polling from anywhere

Onsite and Offsite Networking & Matchmaking

Virtual Face to Face Meetings

Increase your audience with offsite participants

Drastically reduce your carbon footprint

Create a virtual experience

Branded native app and desktop version available

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event apps

event apps


Live Agenda Session Video Streaming

Live stream conference sessions, networking and interaction

Allow remote Attendees to participate in Live Polling

Questions can be asked live from anywhere

Easily cycle between sessions, video, comments and Q&A

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Matchmaking Onsite and Offsite

Instant Messaging available between onsite and offsite participants

Ability to filter between onsite and offsite participants

Suggest attendees, exhibitors and sessions based on interests

Make valuable business connections from anywhere

All alerts are partnered with custom emails and push notifications

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event apps

event apps


Virtual Face to Face Meetings

Connect with onsite and offsite participants

Offsite participants provided with a virtual meeting automatically

In-App live video calling

Make notes and download post meeting

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Connect prospects and businesses virtually

Include gated content within specific sponsor/exhibitor profiles

Participants answer custom questions to gain access

All leads and answers to questions are ready to download by the sponsor/exhibitor at any time

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event apps
event apps

event apps


All features available via a dedicated web link

Stream live via a laptop or desktop

Login to a native device simulataneously

Full screen mode for streaming to large monitors

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Include all our Event App features alongside
virtual participation

event apps
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