Lead Retrieval

Sell Lead Retrieval passes to exhibitors and sponsors so they can collect leads the smart way with badge scanning and custom qualifiers.

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The smartest way to source qualified leads

  Scan badges, edit contact details and ask customized qualifying questions

Scanned within your branded smartphone app

Scanners are no longer needed as badges are scanned with the users' smartphones.

Contact details collected instantly

After a badge is scanned the lead's contact details immediately show on the user's device ready to confirm and edit.

Qualifying questions

Users can preload custom qualifier questions that are then answered to give more information on each lead ready for follow up post event. Skip logic functionality is included.

Edit lead information

Lead information can be edited directly from the app after scanning if they return and have more information or requests for follow up.

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Event Apps

After using multiple lead capture platforms, and evaluating another three this spring, I’m extremely happy that we chose All In The Loop for our major 2018 events. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, but more importantly the support that the team gave us during setup and our first event far exceeded my expectations. In an age where there are many event platforms to choose from, I see customer support as the major differentiator. For that reason and more, I would recommend All in the Loop to any conference organizer looking for a cost-effective, easy to use event platform.

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Easy to manage reps and collect leads

Leads are exported using the web-based Lead Retrieval dashboard post-event

Secure Web-Based Platform

The administrator of the Lead Retrieval team logs into the platform to add extra reps and pre-load logic based qualifying questions

Secure App Login

Reps then download your app and login with their email address and password so they can start collecting leads at the event.

Leads are available instantly

A master list of all leads from all reps are available to download from the web platform instantly. These are complete with answers to qualifying questions and assigned rep.

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