Interactive Event Apps For Trade Shows
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Eliminate printed material, save money and go green

Printing large trade show directories for a vast number of attendees can be taxing and costly. Showcase all of your exhibitors with full biographies, social media links and custom branding in an easy to use app whilst reducing printing costs.

Provide a fantastic user experience with a searchable directory so your hosted buyers and exhibitors and connect faster.

Connect your attendees and exhibitors

Your app will work as a strong communication portal offering instant messaging and activity feeds to boost communications, help set more meetings and create a buzz at your trade show.

Help navigate your attendees

Better navigation means time saved and more face to face contact. Transform your static floor plan into an interactive map which links mapped areas to exhibitor profiles

Fully branded profiles can be viewed instantly in a slick, interactive floor plan.

Let your exhibitors submit their content

Provide your exhibitors with CMS logins where they can edit images, links and bios easily, so you don't have to worry.

Content can be edited and updated instantly, so the dreaded typo will be a thing of the past!

Provide a quick and easy way to exchange contact details

Pockets full with crinkled business cards is never a nice thing to go home with. Attendees and exhibitors can exchange contact details instantly in a few simple taps in your app.

Post-event, attendees and exhibitors can download a full list of swapped contact details ready to follow up on in one secure place.

Make your app exciting!

Add videos, images, sponsor messages and more in any area of the app to engage your attendees and boost adoption.

The Smart Analytics feature gives you real-time information on browsing behaviour so you can see how your content is being received from behind the scenes.

Showcase Sponsors and create new revenue streams

Be a superstar with your sponsors and give them full profiles where they can include descriptions, contact forms, web links and social links. Give each of your attendee's a better understanding of your sponsors - (much better than a static banner!).

In the background, you can see which attendees have been looking at which Sponsors and provide contact form data directly. All this information gives your Sponsors the tools to measure ROI and makes your sponsorship opportunities much more valuable.

Generate leads and create a new revenue stream

Place customized contact forms anywhere in your app and generate valuable leads for your sponsors.

Connect your Attendees with Exhibitors

Transform your floor plan

Make your static, unengaging floor plan into an interactive map by mapping each area to an exhibitor profile. App users can tap any area of your floor plan to preview an exhibitor profile and tap through to learn more about them, view social media channels and access weblinks.

Quick book meetings

Attendees can look at your floor plan, tap through to exhibitors they are interested in and book in meetings with exhibitors they want to see in a few simple taps.

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Create a new revenue stream with your App

Banner Adverts

Show clickable banner adverts in specific locations in your Apps

Sponsor Profiles

Include a full Sponsor Directory with Sponsor profiles which contain banner images, descriptions, web links and social media links. Using Analytics you can find out who has looked at which Sponsor Profile and how many times. You can sell this information to each sponsor.

Custom Sponsor Pages

Give Premium Sponsors a dedicated page in the App that can be reached via an icon or from the left hand menu. Anything can show in these pages such as links, contact forms and videos.

Sponsored Push Notifications

Charge each Sponsor a fee for Push Notifications with their message.

Contact Forms

Collect leads for Sponsors and sell these to them.

Sponsored Polls/Surveys

Include Polls or Surveys defined by a Sponsor and sell them the results. You can show them which specific Attendee answered what.

e-Commerce/Payment Processing

Allow Premium Sponsors to sell their products within the App. You could charge them up front or take a commission on all items sold.

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