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iAmericas -
La Jolla Energy Conference 2017

For over 25 years the Institute of the Americas has established a reputation as being an honest broker of dialogue and debate on key energy and sustainability trends in the Americas. On May 24-25 at the XXVI La Jolla Conference, they carried forward that proud tradition and once again convened thought leaders, investors, government officials together with leading industry players in La Jolla for intense dialogue and policy debate, and to take advantage of our world-renowned setting for networking.

At the event they contemplated the current outlook for the region and look over the horizon as to the future trends, developments and their impacts that policymakers, investors and citizens in general must consider in the coming months.

They built an Event App for The La Jolla Energy Conference 2017 using All In The Loop to showcase all the important information you'll need for the event, and features to enhance the event experience.

Key Stats

150+ Attendees

20+ Agenda Sessions

20+ Speakers

76 Questions asked through the App (the highest ever received at this event!)

Main Features Used

Q & A


Document Sharing

Messaging & Networking

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