Beacon Technology

Send location based notifications to Attendees whilst generating heat maps showing the most popular areas at your event

Create a personalized experience and generate more revenue

Send location based notifications

Use beacons to send notifications when your Attendees reach a certain area of your event like a breakout room or an Exhibitor stand

Sell location based notifications

Beckon passers-by to specific Exhibitors by attaching a beacon to their stands. When they walk by the stand a notification can be sent with latest deals or a friendly hello.

Beacon generated Heat Maps allow you to see which areas of your event were most popular

Featured Project

CASA used beacon technology at their trade show to find out which areas of their show were most popular so they could measure footfall and understand which stands were in the most premium places areas.

How beacon technology works

Setup your beacons

Setup your beacons within the All In The Loop CMS and place them in strategic areas in and around your event venue

Create a heat map

Upload your venue floor plan and match your beacons to the areas on your floor plan. When Users walk past it will record this instantly.

Trigger notifications

Type in the Push Notification you would like your Attendees to receive when they walk past each specific beacon.

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