Setting up your Beacons

Congratulations on purchasing your Beacons! In this guide we will show you exactly how to set up your Beacons so you can:

- Send Push Notifications to Attendees based on their location

- Track where your Attendees have visited at your event

- See a real-time heat map showing the most popular areas at your event

IMPORTANT: Before setting up your Beacons on the your App from All In The Loop you must set them up with the App provided by the Beacon supplier. Follow the instructions to setup your Beacons and within their App and change the Major and Minor numbers so that each beacon has a different Major and a different Minor. After this has been completed you will be able to setup your Beacons in your App from All In The Loop by following the steps below.

Finding Your Beacons

Using your Event App from All In The Loop you can save your Beacons to the system so you are able to setup your notifications and heat maps.

1. Turn on Bluetooth in your device's settings

2. Open your App from All In The Loop and login with your CMS credentials

3. Once you have logged in, tap your name on the top right of the screen and then tap the word "Beacon" in the menu that appears.

4. You have now entered the Beacon page where you can setup your beacons in your App!

Adding Your Beacons

1. Turn on your Beacon

2. In the App on the Beacon page tap the large blue button that reads "Find Nearby Beacon".

3. Wait a couple of moments and your beacon will show up on your screen. Simply tap it once to save the Beacon to your App.

4. Now, go to the CMS on your computer and login with your credentials.

5. Go to Notifications > Beacons and you will see the Beacon you just added.

Setting Up

1. Login to the CMS and open your App

2. Go to Notifications > Beacons

3. Here you can see the Beacons you have set up

4. Click "Rename" to rename a Beacon


Triggers send Push Notifications to an App User when they are nearby.

It is important to ensure that you have set the desired range of your Beacon using the App.

For example; a 2 Metre range will send notifications to an App User who's device is 2 metres from your Beacon providing there are no obstructions.

Setting the Beacon range must be done using the App provided by your Beacon provider.

Add a New Trigger

1. Click the Triggers tab

2. Click +Add a new Trigger

3. Set the Title and Message of the Notification

4. Choose the module you would like the Notification to open

5. Select the Beacon you would like to connect the trigger to.


Click on the "Movements" tab to see a list of your Beacons and the number of times they have been visited. This is useful information if you want to see who went into specific areas and what areas were most popular.

Heat Maps

Heat maps show a visual representation of the number of times a Beacon has been "hit". Upload your floor plan and click on the areas of your image to map your Beacons to specific areas.

1. Open the Heat Maps tab

2. Click +Add New Heat Map

3. Upload your floor plan or map

4. Click on an area of your floor plan where a Beacon is situated

5. Select the Beacon that is situated there

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have finished

7. Click Update

Viewing Heat Maps

1. Open the Heat Maps tab

2. Find the Heat Map you would like to view

3. Click View Movements