Apps for Internal Communications

Keep your team up to date and informed whilst collecting meaningful data.

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Stream News and Content directly to your App

  All of your posts stream directly through an API or RSS feed - no need to enter content in twice!

Stop relying on your website

Over half of all web traffic is now made on smartphones and tablets. Make the most of this trend by launching your own app to communicate with your audiences.

Understand your audience

Gain valuable analytics from your readers and audience. Understand who is viewing which posts and for how long - your app will then suggest news stories based on their history.

Send out alerts

Harness the power of push notifications to send out breaking news, new articles based on their interests and upcoming events.

Track post popularity

See how your content is being received in a snapshot and use this information to help shape future strategy.

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Event Apps

Include all of your events within one app

  Have one container app for all of your events - Add event apps to your master app instantly

Unlimited events

Consolidate all of your events in one place with a single app

Completely branded for each event

Each event you add can appear completely differently with our advanced design tool and have varying levels of content.

Closed and Open Events

Privacy settings can be edited and vary across different events, so private events can require specific logins whereas public events can be totally open.

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Event Apps