Create a second screen for your slideshows

Allow users to view presentations from their own devices and stop the squinting from the back of the room.

1. Navigate to the left hand menu and find Presentations - this is located under Content, click Content to reveal it.
2. Make sure that Presentations is live by clicking the box to the left of the word Presentations so it shows a tick.
3. Once the box is ticked click on the word Presentations.
4. In Presentations you can see a list of all your presentations. To create a new one click +Add Presentation, this is located on the top right hand corner of your screen.
5. On the new screen enter the Start Date, Start Time, End Date and End Time for this presentation in the labelled boxes provided.
6. On the line below where it says Status click either Active or Inactive depending if you want this presentation available or unavilable for users.
7. Below Status under Presentation Heading enter the presentation's name.
8. Enter a presentation type under Presentation Type - this could be something like Main Session, Breakout, Networking Session etc... (this is not mandatory)
9. Choose whether you would like users the ability to scroll through presentations via thumbnails by choosing Active or Inactive on Thumbnail Status.
10. Choose whether you would like slides to rotate automatically by choosing Active or Inactive on Auto Slide Status (this is useful for image galleries)
11. Select the location of the presentation under Select Address - this may be a different hall or venue, common in large exhibitions (this is not mandatory). If you have not already entered the address/floor plan you can do so afterwards in Maps and then go back to this presentation and edit the address.
12. Upload your slides as images in the box by pressing choose files. You can add multiple images. Click here to learn about image sizes and how to make your presentation slides into images.

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