Polls & Surveys

Generate feedback from your audiences

Give your users their own voice with quantitative and qualitative surveys or a mix of the two.

1. Navigate to the left hand menu and find Surveys - this is located under Interactive Features, click Interactive Features to reveal it.
2. Make sure that Surveys is live by clicking the box to the left of the word Surveys so it shows a tick.
3. Once the box is ticked click on the word Surveys.
4. In Surveys you can see a list of all your surveys. To create a new one click +Add Survey, this is located on the top right hand corner of your screen.
5. In the first box titled Question type in the question that you would like to be answered.
6. In the box below titled Question Type click to reveal the drop down box and choose one of the following options:

User can select one answer = Each respondent can only choose one option as their answer.
User can select multiple answer = Each respondent can choose multiple options as their answer.
User can select text answer = Users type a written response and give qualitative feedback

7. If you choose User can select text answer simply press Submit to save the question.
8. If you choose a different Question Type write down the different answers in the boxes titled Option. If you need to add more options press Add More next to the blue + button and fill those in too.
9. Once finished press Update to save the question.
10. Repeat everything to add more questions to your survey.

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