Adding Menu Icons

Personalising your homescreen

Featuring your modules on the homescreen will help them get more traffic. Here we show you how to add your own icons, change module names and show these on your app homescreen.

1. To begin navigate to the module you would like to create a menu icon for in the left hand menu.
2. Ensure that this module is activated - if the box to the left of the module name is ticked it is live, if not click on the box to activate it.
3. Click the module name to open it.
4. On the new screen click the Menu Setting tab near the top of the screen.
5. Type the title of the module in the first box - you can leave this if you are happy with the default name.
6. Scroll down the screen and press "Select Image". This will open your computer files - find the image you would like to use and open it.

The best images have a ratio of 1:1 - a perfect square - for example; 300x300, 400x400 etc...

7. Below the image tick the box that reads "Create Home Tab".
8. In the drop down box below the tick box select how you would like the icon to be viewed - Square or round.
9. When you are happy press the Submit button to save your menu icon.

Check out the video below for a complete walkthrough

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