Agenda & Sessions

Timetable your event

Create the agenda across your event so attendees and speakers can view session information and organise their own personal agendas.

1. To get started go to the left hand menu and find Agenda. This is located in Content; click it to open the drop down to reveal Agenda.
2. To activate simply tick the box to the left of where it reads Agenda and click Agenda to open.
3. To add a new Session in your agenda click the blue button on the top right hand corner of your screen that reads +Add Session.
4. On the new page add Start Date/Time, End Date Time and Session Heading (Title) in the labelled boxes at the top of the screen.
5. Click the box next to Session Type to reveal the different Session Types you can choose to categorise this session (this is not mandatory so just skip this part if you do not want to categorise this session).
6. Add a short description in the box labelled Short Description (this is also not mandatory).
7. Add the main description for this session in the box below labelled Description.
8. Scroll down the page to Select Location. Click the box to open a drop down box of your Maps and choose the location of the session.

Note: This is not mandatory and particularly useful for large events with multiple halls and venues

9. Below you will see Session Status. The Session Status is automatically set to Active so users can see the session in the Agenda. To make this not visible to the users just click Inactive next to it
10. Click the box next to Speakers to reveal a list of the already added speakers and choose the speaker that is related to that session. If you have not added that speaker yet click Add a new speaker to add one quickly there and then.
11. Click Submit to save your session

Check out the video below for a complete walkthrough

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