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"We hoped to find something that could help with all of the administrative tasks of running an auction and luckily found All In The Loop. The auction app performed the exact tasks that we needed it to, and made running an auction very easy. I would not hesitate in recommending All In The Loop in the future."
Amanda Tween - Chestertons International

Why should you launch a fundraising app for your organization or event?

Reach more potential supporters from anywhere in the world

Launch a fun and engaging way for supporters to participate

Always keep your supporters up to date with goals and projects

Create a new revenue stream with in-app sponsorship

Find out how easy it is to launch

Powerful features designed to help you raise more

Take your auction into the digital age

Showcase all of your lots in your app complete with multiple sliding images, descriptions and a quick & easy to way bid.

You can split your lots into categories and feature your most important items on the home screen.

Did any items miss the reserve? You can add them again after your event for re-bidding or try to sell it directly in your app!

Instant Pledge

Your donors can donate to you in a few easy taps directly from your app. Set pledge amounts for specific causes or just let your donors donate any amount they want!

Including Instant Pledge is really a no-brainer on the quest to raise more funds!

Include your payment processor and receive 100% of the funds, no middle-man, no waiting

All In The Loop is already setup to take payments through, Paypal and Stripe. Let us know which processor you would like to use and we can include it in your app!

All funds go directly through your processor, All In The Loop does not hold any of your funds or take a percentage like many of our competitors. Your money is with you, in full, instantly.

Present your goal and keep your supporters updated in real-time

A key feature to help drive bids and donations is a set goal! Inside your app you can include a Totaliser which shows exactly how far away you are from your goal. This is great for Pledge Drives!

Never underestimate the power of sharing!

You can include Facebook Share and Tweet buttons all across your app on specific items or to share the app as a whole on these powerful social media platforms. Get the word out and raise more!

If you have a specific hashtag you can include a Twitter Feed inside your app which shows all related tweets in real-time and brings the buzz of social media into your app.

Manage your ticket selling from one simple platform

Sell tickets for all of your events directly from your app. You can sell single tickets, multiple tickets or table tickets - really anything you want!

Manage your attendee list with this great feature. In the background you can see how many tickets have been purchased in real-time whilst putting a limit on the number of tickets that can be sold.

Showcase Sponsors and create new revenue streams

Be a superstar with your sponsors and give them full profiles where they can include descriptions, contact forms, web links and social links. Give each of your attendee's a better understanding of your sponsors - (much better than a static banner!).

In the background, you can see which attendees have been looking at which Sponsors and provide contact form data directly. All this information gives your Sponsors the tools to measure ROI and makes your sponsorship opportunities much more valuable.

The new way to Auction

Forget static silent auctions where everyone bids once, All In The Loop notifies your supporters as soon as they have been outbid so they know if they need to raise their maximum bid.

This is one of the strongest features to help you raise more in your silent auction and it's all automatic!

Get the word out!

With All In The Loop anyone can bid, donate and interact from anywhere in the world!

You can include Social Media sharing buttons on every page and every item in your App to help create that all-important buzz and reach more potential supporters.

Sharing, Tweeting and Posting are all so important in today's Social Media frenzy, and we help encourage your App Users to do just that!

Start raising more now

Create a new revenue stream with your App and raise more!

Banner Adverts

Show clickable banner adverts in specific locations in your Apps

Sponsor Profiles

Include a full Sponsor Directory with Sponsor profiles which contain banner images, descriptions, web links and social media links. Using Analytics you can find out who has looked at which Sponsor Profile and how many times. You can sell this information to each sponsor.

Custom Sponsor Pages

Give Premium Sponsors a dedicated page in the App that can be reached via an icon or from the left hand menu. Anything can show in these pages such as links, contact forms and videos.

Sponsored Push Notifications

Charge each Sponsor a fee for Push Notifications with their message.

Contact Forms

Collect leads for Sponsors and sell these to them.

Sponsored Polls/Surveys

Include Polls or Surveys defined by a Sponsor and sell them the results. You can show them which specific Attendee answered what.

e-Commerce/Payment Processing

Allow Premium Sponsors to sell their products within the App. You could charge them up front or take a commission on all items sold.

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