Event Registration & Management

Manage your event with ease with our series of Event Management tools

Registration Screen

Collect all Registration information before your event with a customizable and easy to use registration form.

Your Attendees can choose Agenda sessions with limited places, request hotel rooms and more!

Use Skip Logic to tailor each Attendee's form based on their previous responses.

Payment Processing

Collect payments directly to your payment processor through an API

All In The Loop does not take any fees from your ticket sales

Allow discount codes for single items or an overall discount code

Personalize The Attendee Experience

All Attendees will see the Agenda sessions they saved during registration in My Agenda in your App.

Hide or reveal certain features for different Attendees

Allow certain groups of Attendees the ability to network to specific people

Show personalized information like Flight Numbers and Itineraries for each individual Attendee

Release Your App

Send out your App Links ready for your Attendees to download. Attendees can login with just their email address, so no worries regarding forgotten passwords!

If you do want an extra level of security you can include password protected logins and an event specific secure key to find the content within your App.

Check In Attendees/Badge Printing

Login to your App and access the Check In portal only available to your designated staff. Here you can:

Browse and Search for Registrants
Scan Badges
Print Badges
Check In/Out Registrants
Edit Registration Info


Discover how your event content and your App was received with real-time analytics.

Your App picks up all movements as well as survey results, poll results, ratings and comments so you can see all overt and covert activity in a flash to help shape your future strategies.o

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